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Written for: writerconuk’s Bannergrab Challenge for sevendeadlyfun’s banner.
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Fic Specifics

Characters: Spike, Angel - check

Rating: Any - PG for language

Season: AtS S5 or post-NFA – Immediately Post NFA,

Can Have: angst, AI Team, Spike/Angel bickering - one large helping of bicker coming up

Can't Have: Buffy angst, character death, torture –I wouldn't call it angst exactly

Word count: 1750


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Setting Post LMPTM (pre-series)
Characters Drusilla, Spike.
Rating Tame.

Written for: open_on_sunday's prompt Birthday

Not one of my best efforts but the blond pest has gone AWAL again.
ETA It's better now, thanks to bit of beta work by speakr2customrs


“What’s wrong, pretty William?”

“Nothing. It’s… nothing.” He rolled away from her and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

“Come back to bed.”

“I can’t. Not here.” He bundled Drusilla’s clothes into her outstretched arms. “We’re leaving.”

They dressed in silence. William, with his back to her, stared blankly at the brass bedstead.

Drusilla reached out towards him. “Mummy will kiss it better.”

“Stop treating me like a child. You’re not my mother. Mother once gave birth to me in this room.”

He left the bedroom and gazed down the staircase. “Down there. I killed her. Twice.”
attitude Spike

What's in a name?

Given the mass exodus to journal sites with other names, but similar rules of engagement, as 'backup', I offer this for the prompt at open_on_sunday.

Rating G

What's in a name

"You're not even trying, Spike."

"Told you - it's poofy."

"It is not poofy. How many times… Oh for goodness sake. Just do your best. You're our last hope."

"Really?" Spike threw out his chest. "So what Wes said about 'scraping the barrel with me was…"

"Spike! Concentrate."

Spike squared his shoulders and faced the enemy, his hand gripping the polished wood.

Angel closed his eyes against the sight of the missile curving through the air.

"Strike three. You're out!" cried Fred hugging Willow.

"Told you Rounders was a girly game. Bloke doesn't stand a chance against 'em," grumbled Spike.
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